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New code of conduct for officials Introduced

Government implements stricter ethics guidelines


The Council of Ministers has officially adopted the Code of Conduct for government members, announced the Deputy Government spokesman. This development signifies a significant step towards establishing a clear set of ethical guidelines within the government.

Under the new code, the General Accounting Office, along with the Directors General of the Ministries and Deputy Ministries, as well as the Head of Administration of the presidency, will be kept informed about their respective actions in line with the guidelines laid out in the code, particularly concerning the acceptance of gifts by government members.

Notably, the Code of Conduct was meticulously prepared in accordance with instructions from the President of the Republic, under the guidance of the Commissioner for Legislation. During the drafting process, recommendations and input from the Cypriot delegation to the Greco Committee were taken into account.

This updated code replaces the previous charter of ethics and represents a concrete step in implementing a specific governance policy.

The Code of Conduct encompasses a range of key provisions, including providing government members with ethical principles to follow, defining "conflict of interest," regulating the acceptance of gifts and hospitality, and establishing a system for monitoring compliance with the code. This system includes the possibility of taking appropriate measures in the event of violations. Additionally, the code introduces the appointment of an independent ethics adviser, responsible for providing advisory services to both the President of the Republic and government members.

Antoniou, in discussing the code's significance, emphasized that it marks a crucial move toward good governance. He also mentioned that any necessary revisions to the code would be carefully evaluated based on its practical application, ensuring its ongoing development and effectiveness.

When asked about the specifics covered by the Code of Conduct, Antoniou clarified that it defines the limits regarding the value of gifts that government members can receive. It also offers clear definitions of what constitutes a gift and outlines the acceptable methods for obtaining such gifts.

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