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New Deputy Gov't spokesman embraces role's demands, including long hours

Yiannis Antoniou pledges dedication to his role and emphasizes the need to meet both citizen and President expectations, ensuring a positive image for the government


**New Deputy Government Spokesman Embraces Long Hours, Aims to Meet Citizen and President Expectations**

Yiannis Antoniou, the newly appointed deputy government spokesman, assured that there would be no question of overtime in his role, recognizing the demanding hours the position entails. He addressed the image and controversy surrounding his predecessor, Doxa Komodromou, regarding overtime. Antoniou emphasized the government's commitment to maintaining a positive image, considering the heightened expectations of both citizens and President Christodoulides.

During interviews with SPOR FM and DIASPORA NEWS, Antoniou expressed his determination to meet the demands of citizens and fulfill the President's expectations. He recounted President Christodoulides' proposal, extended to him during a meeting last Monday (25/9), which he found honorable. After thoughtful consideration and consultation with his family, Antoniou accepted the President's offer, highlighting the pivotal role of his family's support in his decision.

Regarding the government's primary challenges, Antoniou emphasized the economy and the Cyprus problem. He acknowledged the importance of the government's fiscal discipline, noting that positive assessments from rating agencies were anticipated. If the government receives favorable ratings, targeted social policy initiatives could be pursued. Antoniou stressed that these actions would aim to strike a balance between short-term and long-term objectives without compromising the state's fiscal capacity, thereby avoiding the need for a support mechanism, which he described as a nightmare scenario.


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