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New details emerge in Israeli arrests

Details fill in the blanks over the arrests of Israeli teens following rape complaint


New details have emerged in the Ayia Napa alleged gang rape on how police ended up arresting a total of twelve suspects, all Israelis in their late teens who were later released with charges dropped.

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Officers asked one suspect to point out others with whom he had spent time the previous night, prompting police to arrest twelve Israeli teens in connection to the alleged rape

According to Philenews, the lawyer of three of the suspects, Elias Stefanou, spoke on Active Radio about the events immediately following the alleged incident, when reportedly British hotel guests physically assaulted some Israeli teens upon hearing about the commotion. The teens remained in their rooms after the incident and were said to have been concerned over their safety.

When police arrived at the hotel, following the formal rape complaint, officers asked one of the suspects to point out all others with whom he had spent time the previous night. According to Stefanou, the suspect complied and police arrested a total of twelve Israeli teens in connection to the alleged rape.

Police were also facing communication challenges in the early stages of the investigation, with Greek often having to be translated into English and then Hebrew in many cases, and vice versa. Some teens had complained they had no idea why they were being detained, according to earlier reports in the Israeli press.

During a second round of questioning, all twelve suspects reportedly made solid statements, with five teens being released due to lack of evidence. Following further investigation, said to have centered on forensic evidence, the remaining seven were also released.

Police turn tables on accuser

Investigators then focused on statements made by three suspects who admitted having sex with the alleged victim but claimed they had not raped her. Their claims were later corroborated through text messages as well as the girl who reportedly admitted having consensual sex with three suspects.

Police ended up arresting the accuser on charges of public mischief, essentially accusing her of making false statements.

She reportedly told police in her initial complaint that she was sexually assaulted and gang raped by Israeli teens, while later reports said she specified she was having consensual sex with three teens but became upset when she realized others were recording the sexual encounter without her consent.

What's next

Stefanou said his clients did not indicate that they might take legal action, saying the three teens just wanted to get back home. He also added that the 19-year-old girl was “not a person of means” and it would be difficult seek monetary damages.

Andreas Pittadjis, a well-known and outspoken local attorney, is expected to mount the defence, with his client due in court Tuesday morning.

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