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New leadership sweeps across Famagusta district

George Nicolettos elected in Paralimni-Dherynia; Christos Zannettou re-elected in Ayia Napa; Yannis Karousos becomes first president of Famagusta district self-government


Voters in the Famagusta District ushered in new leadership, electing George Nicolettos as Mayor of the Paralimni-Dherynia Municipality. Meanwhile, Christos Zannettou secured re-election as Mayor of Ayia Napa, and Yannis Karousos became the first President of the newly formed Famagusta District Self-Government Organization.

In the closely watched Paralimni-Dherynia race, Nicolettos emerged victorious, with Koutsoftas Kleanthis elected as Deputy Mayor. The Dherynia municipality saw Nikos Lilli elected as Deputy Mayor, Michael Kostas for Frenaros, and Michael Kauonas for Acheritou Vrysoulon.

Ayia Napa reaffirmed its leadership by re-electing Christos Zannettou as Mayor, with Antonis Christou Gerimou continuing as Deputy Mayor. Other deputy mayoral elections across the region included Michailas Panagis for Avgorou, Vassilas Nikos for Achna, Koumi Markos for Liopetriou, and Koumi Antonis for Sotiras.

In the municipalities of the occupied Famagusta, Simos Ioannou was re-elected for Famagusta, Andreas Kaouris for Lysi, and Eleni Mylonas Hadjimichael for Akanthou. Pieris Gypsiotis was elected as the new Mayor of Lefkonikou, marking a significant change in leadership.

These elections come at a pivotal moment for the Famagusta District, as the newly elected officials prepare to address local issues and lead their communities forward.

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