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New round of 20,000 tests on employees

Tests will target employees of businesses resuming operations in the first phase of lockdown exit, who will also have to wear face masks


The Cabinet on Wednesday agreed to launch a new round of testing for employees of businesses that are set to resume operations as part of government plans to steadily ease restriction measures.

The new round, proposed by Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou as per the suggestion of the group of experts consulting the government, will involve an additional 20,000 coroanvirus tests.

The decision was taken in the framework of the government’s overarching pledge to conduct mass tests among the population, and that has so far seen several rounds of testing on public and private sector employees that still come into contact with the public, as well as workers in the supply chain of food and beverage businesses, on members of the National Guard, the fire service, the police, residents of nursing homes, and a round of some 800 random tests to identify any asymptomatic carriers.

The new initiative will see through 20,000 tests on employees of businesses that are to resume operations during the first phase of the island’s gradual lockdown exit strategy.

Mandatory mask use for businesses resuming operations

All employees of businesses resuming operations in the initial phase of the easing of restrictions will be required to wear a protective face mask.

To facilitate the mandatory use of face masks, the Cabinet agreed to offer free face masks to businesses set to resume operations.

Free masks will also be granted across public sector departments serving citizens.

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