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Health officials concerned over missteps, asymptomatic carriers

Police reported a Limassol hair salon and hostel in operation, while concerns are also high after an asymptomatic carrier threw a party for his elderly father


Police on Tuesday walked in on a Limassol hairdressing salon serving clients, in violation of restriction decrees.

Police conducted 542 inspections between 6pm on Tuesday and 6am Wednesday morning, filing two reports against businesses in Limassol found to be in violation of measures in place to curb the spread of coronavirus.

In addition to the hairdressing salon, Limassol police also reported a hostel still operating and open to guests.

Health Ministry concerned over consequences of Limassol birthday party

Health Ministry officials are highly concerned over a party in Limassol held to celebrate the birthday of a 93-year-old man, thrown by his son at his home, who was later confirmed to be an asymptomatic coronavirus carrier.

Concerns revolve around the consequences of the birthday party, which was not only in violation of restriction measures, but could also have led to the infection of other family members who had attended, including the elderly father.

Infection reported at Nicosia nursing home

Also raising concerns is the identification of a COVID-19 positive case at the Panayia Eleousa nursing home in Nicosia’s Arhangelos area.

The confirmed case involves a domestic worker employed by the family of the owner of the nursing home, who was temporarily living there along with 40 other residents and 15 employees.

The domestic worker, who was found to be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, was tested in the framework of the government initiative to test some 2,000 employees, which also targeted nursing homes.

The Health Ministry’s epidemiological surveillance unit informed the nursing home management once results came out, so that the infected person could be removed from the premises.

The unit has already begun tracing the confirmed case’s contacts, while instructions were issued 

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