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New rules for presidential advisers set amid political turmoil

Debate rages over hiring rules for presidential advisers


The House of Representatives, in a vote of 46 in favor and one against, has approved a bill outlining the criteria for hiring advisers-associates to the president, ministers, and deputy ministers.

During the session, amendments proposed by various parties were rejected, including those from AKEL, Dipa-cooperation, Dipa MP Marinos Mousioutas, and independent MP Andreas Themistokleous.

Addressing the plenary, DISY MP Dimitris Dimitriou, chair of the Institutions Committee, criticized the government's handling of the issue, citing instances of improper recruitment in the Deputy Ministries of Tourism and Culture. He emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in political appointments.

DISY MPs expressed overall support for the legislation while highlighting concerns about the government's handling of appointments and the need to combat nepotism.

Akel parliamentary spokesman Giorgos Loukaides underscored the importance of hiring based on qualifications and merit, urging adherence to standards similar to those for parliamentary associates.

Akel MP Andreas Pasiourtidis raised concerns about the lack of a transitional provision for existing hires, calling for fairness and equality in the application of the law.

Diko President Nicolas Papadopoulos welcomed the bill's introduction, noting its significance as the first government initiative to regulate such appointments.

Edek President Marinos Sizopoulos emphasized the necessity of setting criteria for hiring parliamentary associates and pledged support for the bill.

Independent MP Alexandra Attalidou stressed the importance of equality and meritocracy in hiring practices, urging lawmakers to prioritize qualifications over personal connections.

Independent MP Andreas Themistokleous criticized the bill, labeling it unconstitutional and threatening legal action if it leads to the dismissal of existing consultants.

With the bill's passage, a legislative framework is now in place to govern the hiring of consultants-associates by government members, ensuring adherence to specific criteria and contractual conditions.

The bill's provisions limit the duration of employment contracts and aim to promote transparency and fairness in government appointments.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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