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Poker twist in ongoing armed robbery probe

Armed and hooded intruders target party and poker night, unfolding new leads


Police authorities are intensifying their investigations into the gangster robbery that unfolded on Wednesday night in Agios Georgios Alamanos, Limassol.

In addition to the party, reports indicate that a poker tournament was underway at the establishment when four armed and hooded men executed their well-coordinated criminal plan.

The establishment, formerly a tavern now owned by a Russian, holds vital testimony crucial for solving this serious case.

The perpetrators displayed calculated, "surgical" movements during the robbery, prompting authorities to examine how they were acquainted with the remote location.

Investigations have commenced, with statements already taken from party attendees, and more expected in connection to the mafia-style robbery.

In the initial incident, the four hooded men entered the establishment around 9:30 pm, disrupting the 30 patrons enjoying a poker tournament and party. The victims were forced to the ground, tied up with wires, and robbed of wallets, phones, and car keys. Two individuals attempting to resist sustained injuries from the assailants' weapons.

Notably, the perpetrators spoke Russian, and a bag belonging to a partygoer was discovered near the crime scene.

Source: 24News

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