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Photos reveal location of daring armed robbery near Limassol

Motives behind the robbery are still unknown, police continue investigations


Authorities are intensively investigating a daring armed robbery that unfolded on Wednesday night (28/02) during a private party held for Russians in the Agios Georgios Alamanos area. The event took place in a converted restaurant, once a tavern, now under new ownership. Police spokesperson Christos Andreou revealed that the victims, targeted by four assailants, reported the attackers conversing in Russian.

The investigation took a significant turn when a bag belonging to one of the partygoers was discovered near the crime scene. Scientific tests are anticipated to unravel crucial evidence leading to the identification of the perpetrators.

From the first moments, the area was secured, and ongoing tests are being conducted. As dawn broke, forensic teams were dispatched to scrutinize the scene. The stolen items' value remains unknown at this point. Two individuals sustained injuries while resisting the attackers, who wielded firearms, including a shotgun and a pistol, according to eyewitness accounts.Photo by CNA

The incident began at 9:30 p.m. when four hooded men stormed the venue, interrupting the festivities of approximately 30 patrons. The assailants forced the guests to the floor, proceeding to bind them with wires before pilfering wallets, phones, and car keys.

The motives behind the robbery are still unknown, raising questions about how the perpetrators were privy to the secluded location of the private party. Authorities are diligently pursuing leads to unravel the circumstances surrounding this audacious crime.

Photo by CNA

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