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Nicosia: Police officer caught stealing

Surveillance cameras from a local supermarket recorded the incident earlier this year

Source: 24news

Authorities arrested a 47-year-old police officer after surveillance cameras caught him stealing from a supermarket in Nicosia.

Police spokesman Christos Andreou, speaking on state radio, said that the theft took place more than once around February and March of this year, after which a report was filed by the supermarket manager in April.

"After investigating the case and witness testimony, we proceeded with the arrest of the perpetrator, a policeman," the spokesperson said.

Closed circuits played a key role in his arrest.  The video showed the police officer in question entering the supermarket to pick up various products and then leaving without paying for the goods.

The police officer was not made available for comment.  A criminal and disciplinary case is pending.  He is scheduled to appear in court in a few days to respond to the charges made against him.


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