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Nicosia ring road faces setbacks, delays and budget overruns

Infrastructure struggles of the Nicosia ring road cast doubt on completion and anticipated benefits


The Nicosia Ring Road project, a cornerstone of infrastructure development in Cyprus, has encountered significant setbacks, including delays and budget overruns, casting a shadow over its completion prospects and anticipated benefits, according to a report by Apostolos Tomaras in Kathimerini's Sunday edition.

Initiated in March 2020 after two decades of planning, the project aims to address traffic congestion and enhance connectivity in the Nicosia province. However, despite its importance, the first phase of the project has experienced delays, extending completion by approximately one and a half years.

Cyfield, the contractor responsible for the project, has acknowledged these delays, citing technical challenges and unforeseen subsoil issues as primary factors. CEO Kostas Chrysochos noted that extensions granted by Public Works have contributed to the delays, with additional costs ultimately borne by the project's employer.

Financial implications loom large, with the estimated cost of phase A1, covering a 7.4 km section, standing at €72.30 million. However, anticipated increases due to justified extensions have raised concerns about additional taxpayer expenditure and potential revenue losses.

The Nicosia ring road project holds promise as an essential component of Cyprus' national network and the Trans-European Transport Network. It aims to enhance connectivity, reduce traffic congestion, and improve road safety for users. However, with completion timelines in flux and budgetary concerns mounting, the realization of these benefits remains uncertain.

Stakeholders emphasized the importance of addressing technical challenges promptly and engaging in meaningful consultations to mitigate delays and ensure the successful implementation of the project. The fate of the Nicosia Ring Road project underscores the complexities and challenges inherent in large-scale infrastructure endeavors, leaving stakeholders grappling with critical decisions and uncertainties about the project's future.

[This article is a translated summary of the article published in Kathimerini by Apostolos Tomaras]

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