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Rutland reveals first ever statue of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II statue: A crowdfunded tribute at £125,000

Source: BBC

A statue of Queen Elizabeth II, thought to be the first permanent memorial to the late monarch, has been unveiled in Rutland.

The 7ft (2.1m) bronze monument was placed outside a library in Oakham, where crowds gathered for prayers and speeches at the official celebration on the Queen's birthday.

Sculptor Hywel Pratley created the statue commissioned by Lord Lieutenant of Rutland, Dr Sarah Furness.

Some travelled hours to see it.

Among the spectators was Jodie Paterson, who had been looking forward to seeing Mr Pratley's work.

She said: "I watched him when he was doing his small scale models and I thought he's going to make something quite wonderful - and it is.

"I miss [the Queen] and I wanted to come and see what the statue was like."

Dan Grant, 24, said: "Nothing really happens much in Rutland so it's quite nice to have a big celebration.

"Everyone's come out. I quite like the pomp and ceremony, and the bagpipes especially."

The statue, which the council said was largely funded by donations from businesses and members of the public, cost £125,000 and was commissioned by the Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland.

It is positioned on a grassy area near the junction of Catmos Street and Stamford Road.

It was previously hoped that King Charles III would have attended Sunday's unveiling.

[Source: BBC]

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