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Nicosia teen says she was raped

Two young males arrested following rape allegations by girl in state foster care


A teenage girl, who is frequently reported as missing from her Nicosia foster home, says she was raped in an abandoned area and then driven back into town.

Police detained two young males this week in connection with rape allegations, following a complaint filed by staff at a Nicosia state foster care home.

According to media reports, the teen girl took a taxi a few days ago to go and meet with two young males to smoke pot at a rural community in Nicosia district.

He then drove the girl to an abandoned area where he raped her without using a condom according to the complaint

The two suspects took the girl from their meeting place into a school yard, where the three of them were supposed to smoke marijuana. But after their plans for getting pot fell through, one of them finally left while the girl and the second suspect resorted to drinking vodka which they got from a local convenience store.

Later the first suspect came back, according to the allegations, dropped off the other male and proceeded to drive alone with the girl to an abandoned area where they had sexual intercourse.

The sex was not consensual according to the girl, who accused the suspect of raping her and also not using a condom. He then drove her back into town.

State foster care homes have come under a lot of criticism recently, following a number of incidents where children would run away frequently. The death of 29-year-old Elena Frantzi, who went through the foster care system, also sparked debate.

Police told Knews they would not comment on the case but confirmed the arrests without providing further details. Reports later said the suspects, who appeared before a Nicosia Distrcit Court judge on Wednesday, were remanded for five days and will face rape and kidnapping charges.

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