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Nightclub video tells story before Manigault attack

Video footage shows altercation inside nightclub between bouncers and AEL forward


Bouncers inside a Nicosia nightclub got physical with Corey Manigault moments before a vicious attack took place outside, with video footage suggesting the incident was fueled after the basketball player was asked to leave following a quarrel he had with his girlfriend who appeared to be tipsy.

A total of five male suspects have been arrested in connection with an attack Sunday early morning outside a night club in Nicosia, where AEL power forward Corey Manigault was critically injured while his girlfriend and teammate Brandon Averette were also injured that night.

At least one suspect, described as a Greek Cypriot male, is facing attempted murder charges, while reports said Manigault remained hopsitalized in critical condition.

Selected video clips from inside the club that night, which were published in local media Wednesday evening, show Manigault speaking with his girlfriend who appeared to be tipsy. At one time the basketball player, with his arm around his girlfriend, coaxed her into walking to a quieter place, with his female companion at one momnent falling on the floor and a waiter calling security.


Male staff in the club then appeared to be keeping an eye on Manigault and trying to speak with him, while at one moment bouncers pushed the African American basketball player to get out while he still had the female in his embrace.

The two fell down as they were being kicked out, with a visibly tense Manigault managing to walk back in having an altercation with a number of men while another black male was also punched by a man who was being held back by a bouncer.


Manigault was later attacked outside the nightclub by rogue bouncers, causing him a serious head injury while the incident was also captured by security cameras.

It was still unclear whether Manigault’s girlfriend and Averette, both of whom had sustained cuts and bruises, had been injured inside or outside the club.

Video footage shows altercation inside nightclub between bouncers and AEL forward, images suggest they ganged up on Manigault over incident between him and girlfriend

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