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North detains two teens on counterfeit spending spree

Turkish Cypriot authorities accuse two Greek Cypriot males of using fake money to buy goods and services


Two Greek Cypriot teenagers accused of using fake money to make purchases in the north have been arrested by Turkish Cypriot police, while another man from the south was detained after cartridges were found in his vehicle.

According to various reports in local media, two males aged 16 and 18 were detained on Monday by Turkish Cypriot police after the teens were suspected of having bought goods and services at four different locations using counterfeit money.

Based on information following their interrogation by officers, the two males allegedly used fake banknotes with the serial number MB66688880, four 50-euro bills and another 20-euro, at two markets in the Morphou/Guzelyurt area north of the Astromeritis/Bostanci checkpoint as well as two other locations on their way to Kato Pyrgos through the Limnitis/Yesilirmak checkpoint.

The two suspects were remanded in custody for three days, while local media said police investigators found more counterfeit banknotes in their vehicle.

Turkish Cypriot authorities have also issued a warning to members of the public as well as businesses, foreign exchange offices, and financial institutions to be on the lookout of fake money.

Another checkpoint arrest

Additional reports said another Greek Cypriot man from Kato Pyrgos was detained at the Astromeritis/Bostanci checkpoint in Nicosia district after cartridges were found in his car.

A Greek Cypriot corresponded who reported the arrest on state radio Thursday morning described the 60-year-old man as a hunter who forgot he had cartridges in his vehicle.

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