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Man brings chainsaw to dispute in rural Limassol

Shots fired in Arakapas village during dispute, police find nothing after rushing to the scene


Residents in a rural community in Limassol district say they heard shots fired in the village, with reports suggesting a dispute between three people included someone holding a chainsaw.

Police said officers were called to Arakapas village on Wednesday night after shots fired were reported by local residents.

When officers arrived at the scene they did not find anything suspicious or signs of injuries, police told Knews on Thursday morning.

But additional reports in the media said a dispute was unfolding on Wednesday evening between three people outside a local convenience store around 9pm.

According to media reports, witnesses said they heard loud screams and one shot, while one of three individuals in the dispute was holding a chainsaw.

Police said they could not confirm the information about a chainsaw but told Knews the case was under investigation, adding no previous event was known to have preceded the incident. 

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