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Officer injured in clash outside foreclosed property

Paphos police say apartment complex owner in Chloraka arrested after altercation


The owner of a foreclosed property in Paphos was arrested on Thursday following an altercation outside an apartment complex, where a female police officer was injured.

According to local media, representatives of a private loan management company that took ownership of a foreclosed apartment complex in Chloraka came face to face with security guards outside the property in question on Thursday.

Paphos police official Michalis Nicolaou said law enforcement authorities received information on Thursday morning at 8:45am that company employees attacked private guards who were securing the perimeter of the foreclosed property.

Police have not issued an incident report but local media said officers, who responded to the call, saw the company owner causing a disturbance and insulting law enforcement agents.

According to the police official, the property owner then proceeded to assault a female officer, who took a blow to the forehead.

The property owner, said to be in his early sixties, was arrested.

No further details were immediately available about the incident.

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