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Olive oil jumps 61.7% in March 2024 compared to last year

Cyprus Consumers Association reports significant increases and decreases in consumer prices


In March 2024, the price of olive oil surged by 61.7% compared to the same period in 2023, as reported by the Cyprus Consumers Association. Additionally, passenger transport by bus and coach witnessed a notable increase of 16.5%, according to data compiled in a table by the association, analyzing the consumer price index.

Based on statistics from the Statistical Service's publication of the Consumer Price Index on Thursday, the third-highest annual increase in March 2024 was in painter services, rising by 14.9%. Following closely were fresh fruit, up 14.5%, potatoes climbing by 12.4%, and sewerage services up by 11.5%. Notably, passenger road transport and fruit each experienced an 11.2% increase, while lamb and goat meat prices rose by 10.9%, and soft drink prices surged by 9.1%.

Conversely, notable decreases were observed in March 2024 compared to the previous year. Other edible oils witnessed an 18.9% drop, followed by a 17.6% decrease in sugar prices. Garden furniture saw a decline of 11.8%, while baby and children's footwear decreased by 10.8%. Additionally, natural gas and LPG prices declined by 10.7%, with LPG (cylinder) down by 9.8%, and personal computers experiencing a 9.5% decrease.

Source: CNA

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