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Gasoline prices rise across Cyprus provinces after subsidy removal

In Limassol, diesel prices range from €1.517 to €1.639 per liter


Following the elimination of the 8.3-cent subsidy per liter on April 1st, increases in the average price of 95-octane gasoline have been observed in the provinces of Limassol, Nicosia, and Famagusta, with the exception of Paphos, where the price only rose by 8 cents.

According to data released by the Cyprus Consumers Association, Limassol recorded the highest increase in the average price of 95-octane gasoline, rising by 9.2 cents, followed by Nicosia with 9.1 cents, and Famagusta with 8.7 cents.

In contrast, Larnaca saw an increase in the average price of 95-octane gasoline equal to the amount of the subsidy removed, namely 8.3 cents, while in Paphos, the average price remained lower than the subsidy, increasing by only 8 cents.

On April 1st, Nicosia experienced the highest price fluctuation for 95-octane gasoline, ranging from €1.375 to €1.558 per liter at local gas stations, according to the association.

Regarding diesel prices, Limassol saw the largest increase in the average price, rising by 8.6 cents, followed by Larnaca with 8.5 cents, and Nicosia with 8.4 cents.

Conversely, the increase in the average diesel price in Famagusta was only 7.3 cents, and in Paphos, it was 7.6 cents.

Limassol also experienced the greatest price fluctuation for diesel, ranging from €1.517 to €1.639 per liter at local gas stations.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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