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One quarter of the population on the verge of poverty

According to Cypriot Network Against Poverty

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

According to a statement by Cypriot Network Against Poverty, 24% of the population of Cyprus is on the verge of poverty, which means 200 citizens will soon cross the poverty line.

The eradication of poverty is for us a matter of political choice

"The high rates of unemployment, but also of underemployment, the circumvention of collective agreements and the minimum wage, have led even more of our fellow citizens to the spectrum of poverty and social exclusion.  And according to new data it seems we are seeing a new wave of economic deterioration with an unpredictable and uncalculable impact on the labor market and incomes due to the pandemic."

The Network is organizing a conference entitled "The active participation of people experiencing poverty in decision-making centers and organized civil society".  The conference will take place on Friday, November 5, a few days after World Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17) and the 30th anniversary of the European Network Against Poverty.

"With the forthcoming conference we want to emphasize the active citizenship of people experiencing poverty, in the decision-making centers and to highlight the problems to be taken and the corresponding decisions that will lead to the right policies. We believe that the conference will raise awareness and give impetus to policies to eradicate poverty and social exclusion in our country. "The eradication of poverty is for us a matter of political choice," the statement concluded.

The last economic crisis in Cyprus during 2012-2014 resulted in the impoverishment and marginallization of much of our society.  Today, and unnending series of humanitarian crises in Cyprus, Europe and the rest of the world is not helping matters.  And will only lead to the further marginalization of society with unpredictable consequences. 

[Source: CNA]



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