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Orange alert due to scorching heat

Another scorcher on the way with Wednesday afternoon temperatures climbing to 42


An orange weather alert will go into effect Wednesday afternoon due to extreme high temperatures, expected to reach 42 degrees inland.

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The meteorology department issued on Wednesday morning a new heat advisory, the third in a row, warning the public that maximum inland temperatures are expected to rise to around 42° Celsius.

Weather alert will rise to orange status between 12 noon and 5pm, due to scorching afternoon with highs reaching 42

The orange alert will go into effect at 12 noon and terminate at 5pm.

Wednesday skies will be mostly clear with weak to moderate winds while strong winds are expected in the late afternoon local areas in the north and northwest. Maximum highs are expected to reach 42° Celsius inland, around 35 on in the east and south, 31 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 32 in the mountains.

Evening skies will remain clear while in the early morning hours there are chances of thin fog and low clouds. Minimum lows will drop to 24 degrees inland, in the south and eastern parts, around 21 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 20 up in the mountains.

Thursday drop and weekend rain

Thursday temperatures are expected to drop slightly under clear skies, while Friday there will be increasing clouds throughout the day. Saturday clouds could develop into increasing clouds after noon with chances of showers and thunderstorms in the mountains and possibly over some parts inland.

Coastal temperatures are expected to drop gradually but will remain above normal averages for this time of the year, along with temperatures inland and in the mountains.

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