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Orange alert: Stormy skies ahead

Weathering the thunderstorms and shifting winds


On Monday morning (11/09), the Department of Meteorology issued an orange warning, in effect from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Thunderstorms are expected to impact primarily the mountains, northern regions, and the eastern half of the island, with rainfall intensity ranging from 55 to 70 mm per hour, including the possibility of hail.

Today's weather outlook

The day will transition from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, with isolated showers initially possible, and isolated thunderstorms are not ruled out, primarily along the coast. As the day progresses, localized showers and isolated thunderstorms are anticipated, particularly in mountainous areas, northern regions, and the eastern half of the island. Hail may accompany some of these storms. Winds will prevail mainly from the southwest to the northwest, light to moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort, with localized moderate winds of 4 Beaufort in the afternoon. The sea conditions will start as calm and become slightly choppy offshore later. Temperature-wise, expect highs around 32 degrees inland, in the southeast, and on the east coast, around 31 degrees along the rest of the coast, and cooler at approximately 23 degrees in the higher mountainous regions.

Tonight's forecast

During the evening, the weather will gradually become mostly cloudy with medium to high cloud cover, and localized rainfall is expected. Isolated thunderstorms are not ruled out, particularly in western and southwestern areas. Wind conditions will mainly be southwest to northwest, occasionally variable, light at 3 Beaufort, with occasional moderate spells reaching 4 Beaufort. The sea will maintain a relatively calm to slightly rough state. Overnight temperatures are forecasted to drop to around 24 degrees inland and along the coast, with cooler temperatures of about 17 degrees in the higher mountainous regions.

Upcoming days

Tuesday's weather will initially be mostly cloudy with medium to high clouds and the possibility of local, mainly light, showers. Isolated showers and thunderstorms may develop later. Wednesday and Thursday are expected to feature predominantly clear skies.

Temperature-wise, Tuesday will see no significant change, remaining below average climatic values. However, by Thursday, temperatures will gradually rise, maintaining slightly above-average climatic values.

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