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Paphos getting ready to rise

Mayor says town won’t copy Limassol when it comes to tall buildings


Paphos Mayor Fedonas Fedonos says his city is reviewing a handful of applications for high-rise buildings while trying to avoid the mistakes of rival town Limassol.

Fedonos, who has made a name for himself as a whistleblower, went on Politis radio station on Wednesday to announce that in a few days all things will be clear for the process of approving building permits for tall buildings.

But the mayor said there would be a transparent and public discussion, noting that the “chaos regime” in Limassol will not serve as a role model.

The “chaos regime” in Limassol will not serve as a role model for Paphos

Fedonos said businessmen who own high-rise towers in Limassol do not want this type of market to spread in the Paphos real estate market, citing a desire on their part to maintain a monopoly.

The mayor also said that he is not envisioning either super tall or too many high-rise buildings in his town, neither a chaotic situation where there are no clear rules or respect to the individuality of local places.

“Paphos wants to stay outside of special interests… and plans to make clear very soon a system of regulations where high-rise towers would be out of the question near the beach but would be allowed in other parts,” Fedonos said on radio.

Two applications filed already involve the construction of a 15-storey and a 10-storey building, said Fedonos, adding that there is no need to reach higher in Paphos.

“The goal for municipal authorities is to have a dialogue with Urban Planning so that the set of regulations governing high-rise building permits can be cleared up in Paphos and the city can give straight answers to any investor who may be interested,” the mayor said.

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