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Paphos mall floods with shoppers on eve of shutdown

Shoppers flocked to the Paphos mall to get their holiday gift-buying in before tougher measures see malls islandwide close their doors


Paphos residents flocked to the city’s mall on Thursday to buy Christmas presents before malls islandwide shut their doors as part of the tougher measures that will come into effect on Friday to curb the rampant spread of the virus.

Photographs making the rounds on Thursday showed the disturbing congestion that affected the Paphos mall on Thursday, while toy stores in particular had lines of people outside their entrance with people waiting to be allowed in to purchase their gifts.

The public’s rush to buy holiday gifts comes after the health minister Constantinos Ioannou announced the stricter measures that will come into effect at 6am on Friday in view of regaining control of the coronavirus pandemic that has in recent days showed an unprecedented spike.

The measures will see malls and large department stores close their doors, while restaurants, bars and other catering establishments will also be suspending operation.

Church and worship services will be allowed to take place without attendees, while special services such as weddings, christenings, anf funerals can be attended by up to ten people.

Private and public high schools and colleges will also shift to remote and distance learning from Monday, December 14, while tutoring and afternoon lessons will also be shut down.

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