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Paphos police dealing with peculiar police impersonator case

A 54-year-old man who was recently arrested is believed to have impersonated a police officer on at least two occasions


Paphos police are investigating a peculiar case involving a 54-year-old local man who impersonated an officer on at least two occasions while wearing a shirt with ‘police’ written on it.

On July 2, a partially disabled 72-year-old reported to police that he had visited the Paphos General Hospital and parked at a disabled parking bay, after which the 54-year-old approached to tell him off.

According to the 72-year-old’s report, the 54-year-old told him he wasn’t allowed to park there, and that he would write him up for violating the law, resulting in a 300 euro fine.

When the elderly man protested that he is permitted to park there due to his health condition, the 54-year-old attacked him, threw him to the ground, and kicked him in the ribs.

The 54-year-old was quickly arrested for the attack and for impersonating an officer, with the case expected to be presented before court on Tuesday.

Police noted the 54-year-old is also believed to have impersonated a police officer on another occasion where he stopped a foreign female driver for a check, claiming she was driving dangerously.

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