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Peace water on hold after weather incident

Turkish Cypriot officials say water pipeline repairs could take up to two months


Turkish Cypriot officials say it will take two months to restore a submerged water pipeline from Turkey, following an incident due to severe weather.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, a section of the 80-kilometre pipeline transporting water via suspenders from Mersin to Cyprus was punctured some 250 metres below the surface after the base was detached from its base due to extreme weather.

CNA reported that Turkish Cypriot official Dursun Oguz, who oversees matters of agriculture and natural resources in the north, confirmed reports in local media that the pipeline had punctured due to severe weather.

'Repair work is already underway by Turkey’s Water Management department, and restoration could take up to two months'

“Repair work is already underway by Turkey’s Water Management department, and restoration could take up to two months,” Oguz said.

But the Turkish Cypriot official clarified that no water shortage was expected due to the incident, adding that there was currently enough water in reservoirs in the north to last ten months.

The “Northern Cyprus Water Supply” project, which was dubbed “peace water” by Turkish media, was completed in 2015 and provided a lifeline for Turkish Cypriots who needed more access to water. It was initially planned to be installed at the bottom of the sea but deep spots and high pressure forced engineers to keep the pipes suspended in water.

The pipeline was hailed as the “project of the century” while reports said damages to the pipeline could be detected beforehand and managed quickly due to transmitters and sensors installed on the pipes.

Additional reports said the movement of ships in the area off the coast of Mersin could be affected by the damaged pipeline and repair work.

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