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Pentecost weekend to boost tourism in Protaras

Tourism occupancy rates: Surpassing 2020, uncertain compared to 2019

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

Last-minute reservations are typical for the Pentecost long weekend, as described by tourism professionals. However, we already see high occupancy rates. This long weekend has been anticipated for some time, as it marks the unofficial start of the tourist season - the mass influx of domestic tourists to tourist accommodations and the increase in tourist flows from abroad. There is an optimism prevailing among hoteliers and tourism business owners, as it is considered that the Pentecost long weekend is perhaps the most dynamic period for June and boosts the occupancy rate for the month. Availability is already at low levels. Searching today for available rooms from Friday to Monday, it appears that the available rooms are now minimal. Therefore, those who waited until the last minute to plan their long weekend will probably settle for day trips and excursions.

How much does a double room cost?
We searched for available rooms in hotels using digital tools of online platforms. On the platform, for example, when searching for a double room from Friday, June 2nd, to Monday, June 5th, the results indicate a high occupancy rate in hotels. Specifically, there are only 19 options in the hotel category in Protaras, while 96% of the accommodations listed on the platform are not available for those specific dates. The results are even more limited when the reservation is for more people. As for the cost of accommodation, prices in the remaining available accommodations start from 198 euros and go up to 3,000 euros - these are search results for a two-person stay.

The corresponding search in Ayia Napa does not show any significant differences. 92% of the accommodations (listed on the specific platform) do not have availability. Prices for a double room in a hotel start from 197 euros and go up to 1,490 euros (in a highly-rated five-star hotel according to reviews). The price range widens even more when adding options for tourist villages and villas with a private pool. In these cases, the amount exceeds two thousand euros for a three-night stay.

Paphos and Limassol
Paphos has gained momentum in recent years, with an increase in occupancy rates and tourist flow due to improved connectivity through the airport in the area. For the upcoming weekend, based on the same search conducted for other regions, it shows that 94% of the accommodations in the area are no longer available. Out of the 42 available options, only 16 are hotel units. The rest consist of tourist apartments, villas, and tourist villages. In the case of the remaining options in the hotel category, prices start from 284 euros and go up to 1,782 euros for a three-night stay. The highest availability for the upcoming weekend is found in Limassol. According to the search results on the platform, 78% of tourist accommodations are unavailable. There are 76 available options, out of which 30 are hotels. In terms of prices, those who book their weekend today will find prices ranging from 119 euros to 3,700 euros, with an option even at 6,400 euros, which sets a record for the highest cost of accommodation for this specific period."

More Affordable
According to the platform, the booking situation in Larnaca is also very satisfactory, as 90% of the accommodations are not available for specific dates. The cheapest option for a three-night stay in a hotel starts from 152 euros and goes up to 1,134 euros. From the available options, it is evident that booking a hotel in the Larnaca area is more economical compared to other coastal regions. In the Larnaca area, although there is variation in occupancy rates for each unit, the overall conclusion is that the majority of hoteliers are satisfied with the flow of bookings and occupancy for this period. According to the Larnaca Tourism Development and Promotion Company, most units have higher occupancy rates compared to last year, while there is no clear indication compared to 2019 yet, as last-minute bookings are still expected. At the same time, there is new data regarding the number of beds in the region.

Domestic Market
Bookings for the Flood holiday weekend are primarily driven by the domestic market, especially in the area of free Famagusta. Speaking to 'K', Vassos Xydias, President of the Entertainment Centers Association in the area, mentioned that at least in terms of entertainment centers, the picture is still gloomy in terms of incoming tourism, at around 50% of estimations. As he stated, the behavior of visitors is affected by the increase in prices and inflation, which is reflected in the markets and tourist expenses that are currently more limited compared to last year. However, he emphasized that the Flood holiday weekend is an important 'breath' for tourism professionals. The weekend is expected to fill the area with cafes, restaurants, and entertainment centers in general, as well as marking the mass exodus of Cypriots to the coastal resorts."

According to the search results on the platform, 78% of tourist accommodations are unavailable.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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