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Pfizer Pill: Clinical trials show 89% protection against severe Covid

Appears to be more effective than its Merck counterpart

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The Pfizer pill against coronavirus showed high efficacy against possible hospitalization, in second phase clinical trials conducted by an independent committee of scientists.

According to the drug company, the pill, which will be sold under the name Paxlovid, showed an 89% effectiveness rate when given three days after the onset of symptoms.

The scientists who monitored the clinical study suggested that the research be stopped earlier, as the effectiveness of the drug in patients proved to be "very convincing".

The company plans to submit the study data to the FDA as soon as possible,  which is part of the process to get emergency authorization approval.

The CEO of the company, Albert Burla, speaking to CNBC, specified the time frame for submitting the request to the FDA "before Thanksgiving", which this year is on November 25.

According to the data, the Pfizer pill appears to be more effective than the Merck counterpart, which is already in the process of being approved by the FDA.

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