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Police arrest ten in worksite raids

Ten foreign nationals detained for working illegally, fines for others totaling over 100K


Police arrested ten foreign nationals on Tuesday in two worksite raids, conducted alongside labour officials who gave additional citations and fines worth over €100,000.

According to police, law enforcement officers raided a number of worksites in Larnaca and Famagusta, alongside labour officials, in an effort to combat illegal employment.

In Famagusta, officers raided a hotel under renovation and another hotel construction, where they found 53 workers on site, including 23 Cypriot citizens, 20 European nationals, and 10 nationals of third countries.

While the detained foreign nationals were not undocumented, police said their arrest was based on violating the terms of stay in the Republic of Cyprus

Eight foreign nationals, described as non-immigrant asylum seekers, were arrested by police while twelve individuals described as employers were also identified. Police said labour officials issued citations for employment violations, including illegal employment, and fines to the tune of €84,000.

In the evening, during seven raids of night clubs in Larnaca, officers inspected twenty employees with six of them suspected of working illegally.

Two of the six were described as non-immigrant foreign nationals and were arrested on employment violations. According to police sources, the two suspects were staying in Cyprus legally but it was not clear whether they had a student or work visa.

A total of six citations and six administrative fines were issued for a total of €18,900.

Police told Knews that while none of the detained foreign nationals was undocumented, their arrest was based on their violating the terms of their stay in the Republic of Cyprus.

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