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Woman bites immigration officer at Larnaca station

Immigration police come up empty handed in Phinikoudes, except one officer who got bitten


A woman who refused to show ID to Larnaca police was arrested after she bit an officer during an immigration raid in Phinikoudes.

According to local media, police raided a restaurant on Athinon Avenue in Phinikoudes on Tuesday evening, where officers asked to inspect the immigration documents of employees who were on-site.

She was asked to show ID but she refused. She was then driven to a local police station while at one point she bit the hand of a police officer during an incident

A 50-year-old foreign national, described as a European female, was also asked to show her papers but she refused. Reports said she was then detained and driven to a local police station, while at one point she bit the hand of a police officer during an incident.

The woman, who was staying legally in the Republic of Cyprus, was then arrested by police and scheduled to appear before a Larnaca District Court judge on Wednesday morning for her remand hearing.

The injured officer was taken to the Emergency Room at Larnaca General Hospital, where he was treated and then released.

Police told Knews there had been no other arrests during the raid and no employees were found to be working without authorisation.

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