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Larnaca cops raid suspected brothel

Russian woman arrested on prostitution-related charges, another female wanted by police


A woman was arrested in Larnaca over the weekend on prostitution-related charges, while another female suspect is still wanted by authorities.

Cops raided an apartment in Larnaca on Saturday night, around 8pm, arresting a 31-year-old Russian woman in connection with a prostitution case. Police told Knews there was no basis to suspect trafficking.

The woman, who was initially released and then re-arrested, told investigators she was working as a sex worker and splitting profits with another woman also from Russia.

A Larnaca District Court judge ordered the female suspect in remanded custody for six days. She is potentially facing charges in connection with a conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, living off the earnings of prostitution, and taking part in pimping activities.

Police told Knews there was no basis to suspect trafficking in the case

In the same case, police secured an arrest warrant for a 39-year-old Russian woman, who was not present in the apartment during the raid. She would reportedly find customers for the 31-year-old and split the profits, about €50 from each male customer, according to the suspect in custody.

Cops confiscated a number of items associated with sex and prostitution activities, such as condoms, sex toys, and notebooks, some of which were being sent to a state laboratory for forensic tests.

Authorities have been stepping up efforts recently to combat sex trafficking, following a scandal in the summer when cops were arrested in a sex trafficking sting. A number of prostitution rings were busted recently following undercover operations, with law enforcement male associates targeting apartments by answering classified ads online or using other investigative methods.

But cops have been criticised for using undercover male associates to have sex with women before arrests are made, while officials saying strong evidence such as used condoms and marked bills are needed for evidence in a court of law.

While prostitution is not illegal in the Republic of Cyprus, trafficking, pimping and taking part in running a brothel are offences punishable by law.

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