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Police arrest wrong ‘illegal’ immigrant

Migration officials order police to release foreign national, saying his status was valid


A foreign national was arrested in Paphos during a health inspection after offices suspected immigration offences, with officials later ordering police to release the suspect as he was not out of status.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, a male described as a foreign national was stopped in Paphos by police officers, who carried out an inspection citing health emergency laws.

During the check, officers reportedly suspected the man was staying illegally in the Republic of Cyprus and proceeded to arrest him on immigration violations.

While random inspections are not lawful, police can make further inquiries about a person's status if they suspect a crime has been committed

But after the man was taken to the station in Polis Chrysochous, immigration officials notified police that he was not out of status and that his work permit issued through late January 2020 was currently pending review for renewal.

While random inspections are not lawful in the Republic of Cyprus, police can make further inquiries about a person's status if they suspect a crime has been committed. Officers may also issue citations and fines to any person who may be violating governmental decrees, while some legal experts have challenged the constitutionality of some pandemic measures.

It was also not clear whether the individual in question had violated any health laws aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Police told Knews they had no specific information about the incident or arrest.

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