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Police book 52 businesses and individuals for flouting Covid safety rules

Police conducted over a thousand checks across Cyprus on Monday, reporting nine businesses and 43 people for violating coronavirus measures


Police carried out 1352 checks across Cyprus on Monday, with 52 being reported for violations of measures taken to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the police, nine businesses and 43 people were booked.

In Nicosia, 174 checks were carried out and 14 individuals were reported, while police in Limassol carried out 504 checks, reporting two businesses and 16 people.

In Larnaca, there were 233 checks with 4 reports filed against individuals, in Pafos 141 checks with three reports against businesses and nine against individuals, in Famagusta 194 checks with three businesses booked, while in Morphou 106 checks were carried out without any reports.

Police also filed 70 reports related to the Cyprus Flight Pass and three passengers for violations of coronavirus measures Larnaca airport.

There were also 35 reports at Paphos airport related to the Cyprus Flight Pass.

Police recently stepped up inspections islandwide to check for enforcement of the government’s additional measures, including mandatory mask use in indoor spaces, and a renewed 10-person cap on gatherings in Limassol, currently considered the epicentre of the island’s recent flared up virus outbreak.

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