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Police detain small crowd in public brawl

Fifteen men from India land in jail suspected in downtown Nicosia incident


Fifteen foreign nationals have been arrested in connection with an incident of public disorder at a public park in downtown Nicosia.

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The men, all Indian nationals, were arrested early Monday morning following a scuffle that took place a day earlier in the park outside the parliament building, Nicosia Municipal Gardens, where many foreign nationals are known to gather on Sundays to spend the afternoon.

Media reports said a number of individuals among the detainees were being suspected of being undocumented aliens. But police told Knews all 15 individuals were detained Monday on suspicion of taking part in the Sunday brawl, based on witness statements following the incident.

Charges include conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, fighting in public, public nuisance and unlawful assemblage.

No injuries or serious violence were reported during the Sunday incident.

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