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Police find 113 firecrackers in minor's home in Nicosia

Minor faces questioning in illegal possession case


Authorities are delving into a concerning incident involving the unlawful possession of explosive materials. This investigation was triggered by the discovery and subsequent confiscation of a cache of firecrackers yesterday afternoon, following a thorough search of a residence linked to a minor.

The search, authorized by a judicial warrant, uncovered a total of 113 firecrackers at the minor's residence, situated in a village within the Nicosia district. These firecrackers were swiftly seized by law enforcement as crucial pieces of evidence in the ongoing inquiry.

As the investigation unfolds, attention turns to the individual associated with the residence, a minor, who is anticipated to be summoned for interrogation in the coming stages of the probe.

Meanwhile, the dedicated team at the Police Station of Evrychou remains steadfast in their efforts to unravel the details surrounding this concerning case.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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