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Police keep murder plot arrests under wraps

Local network says Russian journalist in Paphos targeted in assassination plot, two arrested


Cyprus Police are keeping a low profile on two arrests in connection with an investigation into a suspected murder plot, where a Russian journalist is believed to have been targeted over a dispute.

According to AlphaNewsLive, a 56-year-old male described as a Russian national was arrested in a hotel in Limassol over the weekend, when law enforcement agents carried out an operation to track down a suspected contract killer.

The second suspect, described as a Russian Jew living in Cyprus permanently, was also remanded in custody, with both suspects facing murder conspiracy charges

The suspect, who was said to have traveled to the island last week, appeared Saturday before a local judge who ordered him remanded in custody for six days.

A day later, according to the report, a 62-year-old male was also arrested in Paphos, with police suspecting him as the man who arranged for the first suspect to travel to Cyprus to carry out the hit.

No police report was issued at the time.

AlphaNews said the second suspect, described as a Russian Jew living in Cyprus permanently, was also remanded in custody for five days, with both suspects understood to be held on murder conspiracy charges.

Additional information ffrom AlphaNews said political motives were thought to have been implicated in the case, while Cypriot investigators reportedly learned also about personal and financial disputes between the 62-year-old suspected mastermind and the alleged victim, who is also said to be living in Paphos permanently.

Police were not immediately available for comment at the time of posting this story.

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