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Government issues decree to allow employment of asylum seekers

Meant to curb staff shortages

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

The Cyprus government has issued a decree making it easier for companies to hire political asylum seekers in Cyprus.

In a statement, Minister of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, Ms. Zeta Emilianidou said that she has already issued a decree, about fifteen days ago, which has simplified the process of hiring political asylum seekers.

"With the simplification contained in this decree," she said, "an employer can, with a responsible statement and in compliance with the provisions of labor law, hire an asylum seeker and has a period of one month, so that he can sign the contract."

The decree is meant to address the lack of workers in various sectors of the economy and to help facilitate the immediate hiring of foreign workers by modernizing the procedures.

The decree will only apply to companies or sectors that are already eligible to hire foreign workers.

Ms. Emilianidou admits that this is not the only solution to the problem and will meet with social partners to discuss ways and safeguards for the problem of staff shortages.

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