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Power outage refuels reform debate

Trade unions up in arms after unexplained technical failure at Vasilikos power plant


A technical failure in the Vasilikos power plant was quickly restored Thursday morning, after rendering areas all over the Republic of Cyprus without electricity at a time when unions were up in arms over reforms in the industry.

According to Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC), damage at a power generating unit in Vasilikos was confirmed Thursday morning rendering many parts all over the island without power.

EAC representative Christina Papadopoulou said the failure took place at 9:43am, prompting rapid power generation units to kick in and restore electricity some 15-20 minutes after the outage.

Trade union officials have been crying foul over reforms, previously accusing the state company of dragging its feet over the installation of more economic options in Dhekelia

While reports said many areas all over Cyprus were being affected by the power outage, electricity was being restored throughout the island with full coverage expected with no delays.

Papadopoulou did not specify the type of failure at the Vasilikos plant.

But trade union officials from EAC and other professional networks have been crying foul over reforms, accusing the state company of dragging its feet over the installation of more economic options in Dhekelia station.

In a letter published minutes after the power failure, EAC union bosses warned the state company’s executive board that keeping generation in one geographical location in Vasilikos was “sure to reduce the level of confidence in reliable and safe power.”

Last year, the European Investment Bank agreed to support construction of a new power plant at Vasilikos, to be built by EAC.

Earlier this year, the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) announced that “healthy competition” was being sought on the island, referring to regulations allowing producers of renewable energy to be able to sell their production via the national electricity grid.

Trade unions have raised questions about the competition, crying foul over private producers being given state land to build photovoltaic power stations.

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