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Prank call upsets Larnaca medics

Man dials the emergency number to report a dead child that did not exist


A prank call was placed in Larnaca on Friday where an unknown male dialed the emergency number to report a dead child in a pool of blood.

According to ReporterCy, the man who called for an ambulance told the dispatcher that there was a child bleeding on the fifth floor of an apartment building.

The prankster called from a blocked number while two other phone numbers that he provided were random numbers. 

'Shame and disgrace, for giving a false account to the ambulance... we hope this uncaring person is found and punished'

Some of the information he gave over the phone reportedly did not match his description of the free fall or the nature of the emergency, while initially it was not clear whether the dispatcher realised it was a prank quickly enough before the medics had already rushed to the scene.

But according to a Facebook post by Reaction Cyprus, the medics did arrive at the scene.

“Shame and disgrace, for giving a false account to the ambulance regarding a dead child after a free fall, with the ambulance responding only to realise it was a prank call. We hope this uncaring person is found and punished,” the group said.

According to officials, there are about one or two calls each month, where either a dispatcher can tell over the phone whether it is a prank or medics rush to the scene only to realise there is no emergency.

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