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President briefs political leaders on Cyprus and other issues

It was the first session of the National Security Council meeting chaired by the President and the Presidential Palace

The President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, chaired the first session of the National Council at the Presidential Palace on Thursday morning (30/03). The session lasted three hours and twenty minutes, during which President Christodoulides informed the members about his official visit to Greece, his meeting with the Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Rosemary DiCarlo, in Nicosia, and his contacts in Brussels during the European Council and the European People's Party (EPP) session. He aimed to promote his proposal for more active involvement of the European Union in ending the impasse in the Cyprus issue, among other topics discussed.

He shared his proposal for the Cyprus issue

President Christodoulidis briefed political leaders in Cyprus about his proposal for more active involvement of the EU in resolving the Cyprus issue at a National Security Council meeting. The President informed them about his contacts in Brussels and a meeting with Mrs. Rosemary di Carlo and emphasized the need for all political forces to support his efforts to reach a mutually beneficial solution. The Government Spokesman highlighted the importance of cultivating a positive climate and getting the message across to Turkish Cypriots and Turkey that the resolution of the Cyprus issue is in everyone's interest. The President clarified that his proposal for more EU involvement is not meant to replace the UN's role in resolving the issue.

Cyprus President Christodoulidis also informed political leaders of his intention to establish a National Security Council with an advisory role and will seek their input on its responsibilities. This was discussed during a National Security Council meeting, where the President also proposed increased EU involvement in resolving the Cyprus issue, stressing the need for a political figure to help end the impasse and resume negotiations. The government spokesperson stated that negotiations can continue without an envoy, but called for the other side to show sincere will. There has been no formal response from Ankara as they are in an election season, and the focus is on preparing the ground for implementing the proposal as soon as possible after the elections.

Turkish embargo on Cypriot-flagged ships

The spokesperson for the Cyprus government, Mr. Konstantinos Letymbiotis, has said that the issue of Turkey's ban on Cypriot ships approaching its ports is one of the issues that the President of the Republic has included in the larger context of Euro-Turkish relations. He added that the President's proposal for increased EU involvement in resolving the Cyprus issue could benefit both Turkey and Turkish Cypriots. However, Turkey needs to approach the proposal with sobriety and sincere will to get out of the deadlock, restart talks from where they left off, and resolve the issue. The government is also considering all possibilities regarding DISY's proposal for Cypriot candidacy for the General Secretariat of the International Maritime Organization. The spokesperson welcomed better relations between Greece and Turkey, stating that it could help resolve the Cyprus issue and maintain security in the region.

Erdogan's change of stance in Greek-Turkish relations

Cyprus is monitoring Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's recent statements regarding Greek-Turkish relations, according to a spokesperson for the Cypriot government. The spokesperson stated that Cyprus joined the EU with the goal of using its status as a member state to assist in resolving the Cyprus issue. The spokesperson also emphasized the importance of the EU as a common home and expressed hope that activating the EU can help resolve the issue. The Cypriot government is waiting to see how the Turkish elections will develop, but the spokesperson noted the need to prepare for the implementation of a proposal that includes appointing a political figure after the elections in Turkey to assist in resolving the deadlock. Finally, the spokesperson confirmed that there is no news yet regarding a social meeting between President Christodoulides and Turkish Cypriot leader Mr. Ersin Tatar.

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