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Prison guard caught in drug supply scandal

Two relatives of the convict were handcuffed


In a startling revelation, the YKAN (Nicosia Branch) is delving into a case involving the alleged supply of drugs to the Central Prison. The focus of their inquiry is a prison guard against whom an arrest warrant has been issued.

The investigation took a crucial turn on Monday night (13/11) when the YKAN intercepted a vehicle driven by the implicated prison guard. What they discovered in his possession were not ordinary items but various adhesives. Subsequent lab tests conducted by YKAN revealed a shocking truth — the adhesives were impregnated with narcotic substances.

While awaiting the results of the laboratory tests, the prison guard faced questioning from the authorities but was released. However, as the test results confirmed the presence of drugs, an arrest warrant was promptly issued, making him a wanted individual.

Disturbingly, it appears the intended recipient of these drugs was a convict within the prison. Authorities have taken a decisive step by charging the convict as the alleged recipient. Adding another layer to the investigation, two relatives of the convict, aged 56 and 31, were handcuffed.

It is suspected that they colluded with the prison guard in obtaining the drugs for the convict. Both were charged in writing and released pending further investigation.

This unfolding scandal highlights the intricate web of illicit activities within the prison system, leaving the YKAN with the challenging task of unraveling the full extent of this troubling case. Stay tuned for updates as the investigation progresses.

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