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Prominent doctor found guilty of indecent assault

Nicosia's District Court rejects accused's version of events, sets hearing for mitigation in coming month


In a significant legal development, the Nicosia District Court has delivered a verdict finding a prominent doctor guilty of indecent assault against a patient. The court's decision came after a thorough hearing, during which the accused's reliability was questioned, and his version of events was not accepted, whereas the complainant's testimony was deemed credible.

According to a report in Politis, the doctor faced four counts of indecent assault against the complainant, all allegedly committed on the same day and consecutively. According to the victim's account, she had visited the doctor, a family friend, for tests requiring sedation. Upon regaining consciousness after anesthesia, she alleged that the doctor isolated her in his room and subjected her to indecent acts on four separate occasions within a few minutes.

In response to the accusations, the accused doctor submitted an affidavit claiming the allegations were false. He contended that the complainant had hugged and kissed him, a defense that the Court ultimately rejected. The victim, immediately following the incident, sent a text message to a friend detailing her experience and later informed her mother, who was in the hospital's waiting area. The following day, the patient formally lodged a complaint.

Given the conviction, the Court has scheduled a new hearing for pleas of mitigation within the next month. Notably, this is not the first time the doctor has faced legal consequences, having been previously convicted of similar offenses.


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