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Proposed bill gives women easy access to medically assisted reproduction

One of the amendments will give single women the right to use a surrogate mother

The House Health Committee of Cyprus has discussed a bill amending the law on medically assisted reproduction. According to Savia Orphanidou, Chairwoman of the Committee, the bill will modernize, improve, and facilitate access to medical assistance for women, couples, and single people who want to have a child.

Orphanidou welcomed the fact that the bill will give single women the right to use a surrogate mother and that the license requirement for single people to proceed with IVF will be removed. The age limit for productive assistance is also being increased from 50 to 53. Additionally, the bill connects the Central Registry of Records of the Council with the records of IVF facilities to prevent any abuses that may have occurred in the past.  A subsidy for IVF is also being considered to assist women who have undergone the procedure multiple times.

AKEL MP Marina Nicolaou expressed support for the amendments, stating that the state must guarantee and recognize women's reproductive and sexual rights.

DIKO MP Chrysanthos Savvidis also welcomed the bill, noting that one in six couples faces infertility.

DIPA MP Michael Yakoomi agreed with the new subsidy plan to address infertility, adding that everyone has the right to procreation and reproduction, regardless of financial constraints.

[With information from CNA]


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