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Protesters in Nicosia march for freedom for Palestine

Voices rise in protest for immediate ceasefire


A protest in the heart of Nicosia saw demonstrators take to the streets with a resounding message: "Not in Our Name! Stop the Genocide! Freedom for Palestine!"

The event, which was peaceful and well-organized, aimed to draw attention to Cyprus's involvement in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Police Communications Branch reported that the protestors initiated their march from the Interior Ministry, and they have now gathered in the vicinity of the Presidential Palace.

Throughout the demonstration, law enforcement maintained a strong presence, ensuring that the protest remained peaceful with no notable traffic disruptions.

This protest was a collaborative effort, with various organizations, movements, and groups joining forces to express their concerns.

In a collective statement, they voiced their reservations about the Republic of Cyprus's unilateral condemnation of Hamas and its hosting of armed forces from third countries, suggesting that these actions may implicate Cyprus in the unfolding Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The protesters firmly oppose the targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure, including schools and hospitals, as well as the ongoing collective punishment imposed by Israel.

Among their demands, the protesters called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, the prompt release of hostages, and the release of individuals who have been wrongfully detained. Their plea particularly emphasizes the importance of protecting children caught in the conflict.

This demonstration in Nicosia highlights the international concern and condemnation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The diverse coalition behind this protest seeks to draw attention to Cyprus's involvement in the ongoing crisis and calls for a peaceful resolution and humanitarian relief for the affected communities in the region.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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