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Public sector considers summer 4-day workweek proposal

Flexible hours and telecommuting on the horizon for civil servants


The Pancyprian Guild of Civil Servants is set to reintroduce a proposal for a four-day workweek in the public sector, according to Stratis Matthaiou, the General Secretary of the Guild. Speaking to "SPOR FM 95.0" and the "DIASPORA NEWS" program, Matthaiou mentioned that the idea, if successfully implemented in the private sector, could also find its way into the Public Service.

Matthaiou clarified that the PASYDY proposal would exclusively apply during the summer months of July and August, and only in cases where conditions permitted. He stated, "If it is adopted in a department that provides services to the public, some employees may work on a rotating basis." During this period, he noted, most citizens are on vacation, and he expressed the opinion that full-time implementation might pose challenges to public service efficiency.

Regarding flexible working hours, Matthaiou pointed out that the Recovery and Resilience Plan mandated that by January 1, 2025, all government services should be prepared to implement telecommuting and flexible work arrangements wherever possible. He added, "We are giving time to prepare so that starting from January 1, 2025, the Public Service can offer these flexible options, such as telecommuting and extending working hours from 7 to 9." Furthermore, he mentioned that individuals with special circumstances, like young mothers, could potentially work reduced hours, leaving work two hours earlier for six months and receiving proportional pay, as long as their job responsibilities allowed for it.


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