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Raging wildfire forces evacuations from villages

Firefighters battle blaze in multiple villages; residents urged to evacuate as smoke reaches Kato Paphos


Firefighting efforts in the Paphos district are reaching superhuman levels as authorities battle a massive blaze that erupted on Tuesday, June 11, in the community of Yiolou. According to the latest updates, the Police have called on more personnel to assist in combating the fire.

The Fire Service was put on high alert at noon when the fire began, initially engulfing dry grass, wild vegetation, and trees. Andrea Kettis, the press representative of the Fire Service, reported that ground forces and aerial vehicles are currently deployed at the scene. Scattered individual cottages are under threat, and protective measures have been taken to safeguard them.

Precautionary evacuations have been ordered for several communities. Following assessments by the Civil Defense and Police, residents of Psathi were instructed to evacuate. Additionally, the Police have issued evacuation orders for the villages of Choulou and Lemona.

Assistant Police Director of Paphos Operations, Michalis Nikolaou, stated to the Cyprus News Agency that residents of Psathi are being evacuated as the fire approaches the entrance to the village. The fire is also moving dangerously close to Agios Dimitrianos.

The situation has deteriorated to the point where smoke from the fire has reached Kato Paphos, creating a suffocating atmosphere. Several roads have been closed to ensure public safety. These include the road from Lemonari to Polemi and the road from Agios Dimitrianos to Psathi, with traffic being diverted through alternative routes.

Photos from Kyrophilos Cyprus capture the dramatic scenes in Psathi and Kato Paphos, highlighting the intensity of the blaze and the thick smoke engulfing the area.

Authorities continue to work tirelessly to contain the fire, protect property, and ensure the safety of residents.


Kato Paphos

Kato Paphos


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