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US President's son convicted of illegal gun purchase

First criminal charges against a sitting President's child


Hunter Biden, the 54-year-old son of President Joe Biden, has been found guilty of illegally purchasing a firearm by hiding his drug use. This marks the first criminal prosecution of a sitting US president's offspring.

Prosecutors argued that Hunter Biden lied on a form when buying a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018, falsely stating he was not a drug user or addict despite a documented issue with crack cocaine. Biden was convicted on three firearm charges after pleading not guilty.

The trial, which took place in Wilmington, Delaware, included testimonies from Hunter Biden's ex-wife and sister-in-law, who detailed his severe addiction at the time of the purchase. Prosecutors also presented text messages, photos, and bank records supporting their case.

First Lady Jill Biden was present in the courtroom and was seen holding her stepson's hand as they left. President Joe Biden stated he accepts the outcome while Hunter considers an appeal. Former President Donald Trump called the trial a distraction from the Bidens' "real crimes."

The conviction could carry a sentence of 15 to 21 months, though similar cases often result in shorter sentences. No sentencing date has been set, but it is expected within 120 days, potentially impacting the presidential election on November 5.

Hunter Biden's legal team expressed disappointment and plans to pursue all available legal challenges. President Biden emphasized his family's support for Hunter, acknowledging the struggles of addiction and the strength in recovery.

[Source: Sky News]

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