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Raid of CMA offices sparks debate

DIKO president cries foul over CPC targeting private professionals instead of investigating state monopolies


A raid by the Commission for the Protection of Competition was carried out on the building premises of the Cyprus Medical Association, stirring fierce debate with the newly-launched healthcare system in the backdrop.

According to local media, CPC officials raided the CMA central offices on Tuesday in order to collect evidence and investigate whether any competition laws were violated by the association.

CPC officials said they were were carrying out an independent investigation into allegations that CMA officers violated competition laws by urging their members not to join the newly-launched healthcare system, dubbed as GESY.

CMA officials were said to be outraged over the surprise visit, citing that their negative views on GESY were not hidden from public view. But they dismissed allegations that colleagues bullied members and undermined efforts to implement GESY. 

DIKO party president Nicholas Papadopoulos weighed in Wednesday morning, stating on state radio that while he didn’t share the views of CMA, he was concerned by the timing and motives of the CPC.

“Whoever disagrees with the administration is on the receiving end of the government’s wrath,” said Papadopoulos.

The DIKO president also accused the government of targeting specific private doctors with tax audits, adding that the CPC ought to have been investigating state monopoly instead of competition amongst private professionals.

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