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Rain, snow, and slippery roads ahead

Weekend outlook: Showers and snowfall


Cyprus is gearing up for a weather rollercoaster this weekend as rain, snow, and slippery roads are on the horizon. According to the Cyprus Meteorological Service, Friday (2/2) promises intermittent rain showers and isolated thunderstorms, especially in western and mountainous regions, with a chance of snow or sleet in higher areas like Troodos.

Temperatures across the island will vary, hitting around 16 degrees Celsius inland, about 17 degrees Celsius along the coasts, and a chilly 5 degrees Celsius up in the mountains. Brace yourselves if you're headed to Troodos, where icy conditions are expected.

As we head into Saturday and Sunday, expect cloudy skies with occasional showers and thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoons. Those venturing into the mountains might even catch a glimpse of snow.

Tonight, rain showers will sweep through, predominantly in the west and north, with a possibility of snowfall in elevated regions. Winds will pick up, blowing from the southwest to northwest, ranging from light to moderate, occasionally gaining strength along southwestern coastal areas.

Sea conditions will transition from calm to slightly choppy in the west and gradually across the north and south.

Travelers planning a mountain retreat should note that roads leading to Troodos, like Karvouna – Troodos and Platres – Troodos, require tire chains due to icy conditions. Other routes, such as Orkonta – Kykkos and Kakopetria – Pine Wood – Pedoulas, are open but slippery.

Police advise caution for drivers navigating mountainous terrain, where slippery roads pose a risk. Stay safe and enjoy the winter wonderland that Cyprus is transforming into this weekend!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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