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14 June, 2024
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Raindrops, thunderclaps, and a temperature tap dance!

Here's a playful peek into this week's weather forecast


Today, anticipate a day of weather surprises! Clouds will play peekaboo, bringing occasional rain and isolated thunderstorms, especially in the western and northern regions. Winds will join in, blowing in from the southwest to the northwest, occasionally showing off their strength on the coasts. Temperatures will rise to around 21 degrees in the interior and hover around 23 on the northern coasts. Even the mountains will cool down to around 12 degrees.

In the evening, clouds won't be ready to call it a night just yet. Expect increased cloud cover, occasional rain, and maybe even a storm, particularly in the western and northern regions. As the night progresses, rainfall will ease, and winds will play a gentler tune from the southwest to the west. The sea will gradually become somewhat rough. Temperatures will drop to around 11 degrees inland and give coastal areas a chill of 13 to 15 degrees. The mountains will be cool at around 7 degrees.

Coming attractions:

Thursday: Clouds take center stage again, bringing mostly cloudy weather with isolated showers. By evening, local showers and isolated thunderstorms will step into the spotlight, promising slightly above-average climatic values.

Friday: Prepare for a climatic drama! Mostly cloudy skies set the stage, and local rain with isolated thunderstorms takes the spotlight. The temperature drops a bit but stays close to the average climatic values.

Saturday: The weekend forecast includes intermittent increased cloudiness, possibly sprinkled with isolated morning rains. The temperature stays in sync with average climatic values, ensuring a comfortable and mild weekend.

Stay tuned for more weather updates with a smile!

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